Rally Ypres 2005 - Tips
The Programme is essential as it contains maps and timings of the event. Sold separately is a comprehensive set of maps which are also very useful if you plan on moving between stages. One thing to bear in mind is that the stages use closed public roads that go through villages.You need to take care planning routes or you will end up trying to drive down closed roads to get to other stages.

The rally is based in the main square in Ypres and takes over the area completely with the teams using the square as the service area. The Historic rally cars are based in Boezinge and only compete on Friday and Saturday.The main event carrying on on Sunday.

A charge is made to spectate in special stages these can be paid for individually or a whole event pass can be bought in Ypres for Ä 30. As in France the shops do not open on Sundays in Belgium. Beer and refreshments however are in constant supply at a lot of stages so you are unlikely to starve. The rally is well supported and can be quite crowded in the more popular viewing areas.


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