Rally Great Britain 2006 - Tips
Wales in December is typically cold and wet with overnight frosts and possible snow with this in mind warm waterproof clothing is essential or you will be miserable. If its not frozen it will be muddy( see photos). Wales attracts a lot of rain and it will be muddy. The forest tracks are used as the car park for the forest stages this led to absolute chaos especially on the Sunday morning it is therefore essential to allow plenty of time to park and walk to where you wish to spectate.

All the roads giving access to the stages at non-spectator areas were blocked and manned leaving no choice but to go the severely overcrowded spectator areas this was especially true on the Sunday.

On Saturday evening the rally cars visited the Millenium stadium in Cardiff for a super special stage. Our experience was that due to the large number of shoppers in Cardiff swelled by Christmas shoppers the traffic system slowed to a crawl. The consequence of this was that large numbers of spectators were still outside when the cars were due to start because of this the start had to be postponed thirty minutes. When it did start we enjoyed the action and it was dry, especially seeing the skill and lack of it demonstrated by the various drivers.

The rally has a dedicated radio station during the rally the reception of which we found to be absolutely hopeless. Would we recommend spectating yes probably especially if it was moved to September in Yorkshire or Scotland.

Ford Focus RS WRC 06
Ford Focus RS WRC 06
Muddy Pathway

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