Rally Tour Of Flanders 2006 - Tips
The rally is wonderful for easy access to the stages as most stages are not that busy. A useful idea however if you do come across somewhere crowded is to take a small step ladder or an articulating ladder with platform to stand on (especially useful on the roundabout at Zoning). For photographers Belgian rallies are challenging as plastic tape is used in abundance to define where not to stand however thought need to be given to minimising the effect of the tape on your pictures. If you are pushed for time there is McDonalds in on the outskirts of Roeselare or if you have time there are some good Restaurants in the town square. We recommend buying maps (see 2005 for further tips). Belgian and France shops in the main stayed closed on Sundays therefore if you are thinking of bringing anything home with you buy it on Saturday.

Ford Escort Mk1 RS2000
Ford Mustang
A Friendly Man with a big ladder

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