Rally Tempest 2008 - Tips
The rally takes place in November so wear several layers of clothing and make sure the outer layers waterproof also bring spare clothes. The rain was torrential hopefully in 2009 it will be dry and warm but just in case! A charge is made to spectate at the Rushmoor arena which gives good views of the cars on a spectator stage with commentary however it did become a bit samey with the odd moment. Notably a Peugeot 205ís front suspension collapsing on the stage and Marcus Dodd hitting a large puddle on the entrance to a corner and running very high up a bank. We recommend going to the other stages as well the distances between stages is short and the navigation relatively straight forward. Spectator numbers were low and it was possible to park very close to the stages. Do think about carefully about your safety when deciding where to spectate. Comprehensive spectator maps are available from the rally website and are essential to find your way around.

Hyundai Accent WRC
Peugeot 205 Gti
Peugeot 205

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