Rally Germany 2005 - Tips
The weather in the area is very changeable and can change from very hot to very wet very quickly. Obviously with this in mind. Therefore appropriate clothing for any condition is a must.

Trier is a tourist destination and is home to a significant amount of roman remains. The largest of which is the Porta Nigra a large and impressive gatehouse at one end of the main pedestrian precinct where the ceremonial start and finish is located. This area is crowded and it is advisable to come early to any event here or bring a step ladder, failing this people climb trees or stand on window ledges.

The Trier tourism centre can advise on accomodation in Trier which is an attractive town in its own right and where the rally team personnel were based. For those on a budget there is a large campsite at Bostalsee near the service area, however traffic congestion for those wishing to access the service area was a problem. The service area car parks are a long walk away from the service area so if visiting allow 30 minutes extra for this.

Trier precinct at the ceremnial finish of the rally
Porta Nigra

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