Rally Germany 2007 - Some Unsual Moments
We did encounter a very tame looking German shepherd dog on one stage with a marshal attached. Is this the shape off rally spectating to come, tame dogs to keep the crowds in order! It could be the marshals have been trained to bite so be wary.

Back in Trier we saw a man with a large tray of glasses who spent his time running his fingers around the tops of the glasses. A large crowd gathered to see how long it would be before he fell over drunk we waited for ages but he never did drink anything. It was really strange though because every time he rubbed the glasses someone started playing classical music. We left because it was too a bit too weird for us.

At the service area a large contingent of French spectators were very excitable and crowded around the Kronos Citroen service area. Marcus Gronholm was very brave at this point and attempted to run Sebastian Loeb down in front of the Citroen service area (we hope he was joking). The Service crew came out of the service area to a wall of noise to meet the crowd.

German Shepherd dog
Citreon service park
Glass Player

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