Rally Germany 2006 - Other Activities
In our hurry to leave on the Sunday we accidentally found the Nurburgring and a huge crowd of people watching some old geezers racing even older formula1 cars or something like that this probably explains the low number of spectators on the last day of the Rally.

It was an open day on the Nordscheife circuit which we think is somehow classified as a toll road but this may not be correct we watched from a viewing area. The way some of these people drove it was a very good job nobody was coming the other way. The motorcyclists were particular vocal especially about their speed down the straights 150 being the fastest although 240 kph sounds even faster. We particular admired the classic Volkswagen beetle bus camper thing but he was never going to keep up with the bikes.

Ford Fiesta ST
Ford Focus RS WRC 06
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO

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