Double winner Doran takes the lead
Current champion Pat Doran (Winkleigh) took the lead in the Quaife MSA British Rallycross Championship after winning the sixth round of the eight-event series at Lydden Hill today (August 30).

Doran becomes the first driver to win more than once this year, but was not certain that he would be fit enough to drive in the days leading up to the event after aggravating an old back injury. "I've hurt my back before and it's taken six weeks to fix so I didn't think I'd be fit to race. But I felt better and better each day so I thought I'd give it a go, obviously now I'm really pleased that I did," said Doran who won the Superfinal after passing early leader Andy Scott (Dumfries).

Scott won the Supercar A final in his Peugeot 306 and led the Superfinal from championship points leader Andy Grant (Barnstaple). Grant's run in the event was effectively ended in the second lap when he lost but fourth gear. Touring to the end of the race, the Devonian collected points for last place, but slipped ten points behind Doran in the title race.

Scott also hit problems, his car suffering a puncture after he hit the kerb in the chicane in the fourth lap. Doran suffered an early scare in the race, losing time when the throttle of his Fiesta Supercar jammed open on one of the quickest parts of the track. Turning the engine off and then back on, Doran was able to avoid a crash and then worked his way back up to second place by the fourth lap.

Closing quickly on Scott's limping car, Doran took the lead at the start of the last lap, Steve Hill (Aylsbury) also managing to pass Scott before the end and take second place.

Julian Godfrey (Heathfield) won the SuperModified A final and then progressed to fourth place in the Superfinal ahead of 2009 SuperModified champion James Bird (Midhurst).

Quaife MSA British Rallycross Championship, round six, Lydden Hill, August 30

Superfinal (5.5 laps) 1 Pat Doran (Ford Fiesta ST ERC) 4m9.940s; 2 Steve Hill (Mitsubishi Lancer E9) 4m15.629s; 3 Andy Scott (Peugeot 306 4x4 Turbo) 4m20.949s; 4 Julian Godfrey (Ford Fiesta S1600) 4m22.049s; 5 James Bird (Renault ClioSport V6) 4m24.349s; 6 Gareth Wood (Subaru Impreza) 4m27.716s; 7 Jamie Lea (Toyota MR2 Turbo) 4 laps; 8 Andy Grat (Ford Focus ERC) 4 laps.

Championship 1 Doran 151; 2 Grant 141; 3 Scott 111; 4 Godfrey 107; 5 Howlin 104; 6 Lea 104

Next event: Blyton, September 12

Quaife MSA British Rallycross Championship 2010
Monday April 4/5 Lydden Hill
Sunday April 25 Knockhill
Saturday June 12 Blyton
Sunday July 11 Maasmechelen (B)
Sunday August 8 Mallory Park
Monday August 30 Lydden Hill
Sunday September 12 Blyton (changed venue)
Sunday October 10 Pembrey

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