A summer festival for the CitroŽn C2!
While there is still some way to go until the end of the season, the C2 Super 1600 has already picked up one more national title. Thanks to an extraordinary run of victories, Robert Butor has once again given CitroŽn the Hungarian Championship. At international level, the CitroŽn C2 Super 1600 has already swept up three Junior World titles as well as one European title Ė but itís certainly not over yet!

Over the summer, the different CitroŽn Racing Trophies continued. In France, Marc Amourette claimed a firm advantage on gravel, while Jean-Luc Vauclure did the same in the Coupe de France. It was a similar story for Danny Ungur in Romania and Michal Bebenek in Poland.

The second half of the season promises to be more exciting than ever, as the CitroŽn Racing Trophies in Britain, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Belgium resume. And as scheduled, the CitroŽn DS3 R3 made its debut over the weekend at the Ulster Rally!

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