Symtech Racing with the Subaru STR10 in Poland
Symtech Racing will run its new Subaru Impreza STR10 this weekend, which was recently built for the Subaru Poland Rally Team. Its driver Kajetan Kajetanowicz has been eager to take delivery of his new car, and subsequent test sessions have thrown up some promising results.

Darren Papworth, Symtech Racing's engineer: "The final approval for the homologation of the new 2010 Subaru Impreza took a while, so it was already mid-April before we were really able to start on the build of the cars. Our first STR10 has already been delivered to a client and the second car will be used by Kajto for the first time on the next round of the Polish Rally Championship. Technically, our new car has had a comprehensive review compared to the STR09 in several areas, particularly weight. Everyone at Symtech Racing has worked very hard over the last few weeks in order to make our STR10 as competitive as possible. This has also been difficult for our suppliers, who were under pressure to deliver us several parts, but in the end everything was fine and we're very pleased that Kajto will be driving the car on the Rally Poland. This is particularly the case since the first tests that we did at the beginning of this week were positive."

Last year, Kajetanowicz won two rounds of the Polish Championship overall with the Subaru Impreza STR09: the equipment with which he faced the powerful Super 2000 machines. So it's easy to imagine what he could achieve this season with the new STR10! The Rally Poland, which is also valid for the European Championship, is certain to be a difficult event as there will be a number of extra top-ranking Super 2000 cars present, driven by people like Michal Kosciuszko, Luca Rossetti and Luca Betti.

Wim De Boeck, Symtech Racing: "After our excellent season last year in Poland, we know that the partnership between ourselves, Kajto and his co-driver Jarek is well-established. It's great that we're able to continue this relationship and just like last year we're going to do everything we can to give them the most competitive car possible. Kajto is an extremely quick driver and we're convinced that he is going to finish the job."

The Rally Poland, which formed part of the World Rally Championship last year, gets underway on Friday night and finishes on Sunday afternoon. The event takes place on gravel in the Mikolajki region.

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