Grant Updates for BRC Move
Quaife MSA British Rallycross Championship, 16.03.10

Grant is set to make a splash with the ex-Jordan Focus

Armed with a new car and with confidence boosted by a successful 2009 season, long serving Rallycross driver Andy Grant will make his strongest bid for glory in the Quaife MSA British Rallycross Championship this year. Grant (49) from Barnstaple in Devon has replaced his trusty Escort Cosworth with the ex-Will Gollop/Andrew Jordan Ford Focus, a car with proven event winning form, and will begin his British championship campaign in the opening round of the eight-event series at Lydden Hill on Easter weekend.

After a number of years in rallying, during which he won the South Western Loose Surface championship in 1988, Grant moved to Rallycross in 1992 and has been a front running competitor since moving up to the Supercar class with his Escort Cosworth in 1996. With the Escort beginning to show its age, Grant cast around for alternatives and even considered retiring from racing over the winter. "I decided that I can't watch TV, can't play Golf and can't sit still long enough to go fishing. I noticed that my female friends often buy a new handbag, so I had this crazy idea to buy a newer Rallycross car! The Focus has a good history and although the power of it and my Escort is about the same, the suspension and transmission in the Focus is far superior. The Escort wasn't going to go any quicker so I'm hoping that a newer, better car will let me go faster," said Grant, "I won the Open championship last year so I can't do any better there, the next thing is to have a crack at the British championship."

First raced in the 2002 Rallycross Grand Prix, the Focus has had relatively little use and has not been driven since Jordan completed the 2007 British season in the car prior to making the move to the British Touring Car Championship. Both Gollop and Jordan won British championship events in the car and Grant aims to join them as a winner, "The Escort wasn't competitive enough to win British championship events but I've proved plenty of times that I can match the best drivers when things are equal, with the Focus I should have an equal chance every time," said Grant.

With the sale of his car to Grant, Gollop has finally called time on a Rallycross career that started in 1973. The former British and European champion, Gollop remains Britain's most successful Rallycross driver and will be at Lydden at Easter to help Grant through his first event with the Focus.

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