TotalRally - A New Radio Experience for Rally Fans
Rally fans around the world can this week look forward to a new and exciting live internet radio program dedicated to rallying across the globe. Every Wednesday evening at 8pm UK time, TotalRally will be on air live broadcasting to rally fans everywhere. The star guest featuring on this week’s inaugural show is Monte Carlo Rally winner Mikko Hirvonen.

TotalRally will broadcast weekly from the UK through and will bring all the news, rumours and gossip from all the major rally championships across the world.

TotalRally will give rally fans the chance to have their say on the latest breaking news and hot stories concerning their sport and encourage listeners to join in the live debate through MSN, Skype, Twitter and email.

The world of rallying attracts the most dedicated, and sometimes most opinionated, of followers and TotalRally plans to give those fans a voice in what could be one of rallying’s most exciting seasons ever - with big names such as Kimi Raikkonen and Ken Block set to take on rally superstars like Loeb, Hirvonen and Solberg.

TotalRally will divulge and dissect rally news and gossip in a fast-moving, amusing and sometimes even controversial way. Weekly guests from the very highest levels of the sport will be on hand to give their views and take listeners’ questions. The show’s creators hope it will quickly become compulsive listening for dedicated rally fans around the world.

The team behind TotalRally come from a broad and varied motorsport and broadcasting background.

Colin Clark, often referred to as the Voice of Rallying, has been involved with the ever popular World Rally Radio for many years. He combines his broadcast talents with his motorsport sponsorship background, he was responsible for the 555 deal with Subaru, to give unique insights and sometimes controversial views on all that happens in the world of rallying.

Alongside Colin will be James Muir, a regular voice from 2005 - 2008 on World Rally Radio where his sense of humour and quick wit endeared him to many.

Tony Simpson also brings his experience behind the wheel to the team. Tony offers a driver’s insight into all that happens and his Liverpudlian sense of humour is sure to be popular.

Colin Clark said:
“TotalRally is what rally fans everywhere have been waiting for. The chance to hear the sport’s top names talking candidly about the latest news is something we’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy before. Rally fans are unquestionably the most dedicated sports fans anywhere, and we want to give them a voice. It’s an exciting new initiative that for sure will be fun and informative, and if I have my way, maybe even a wee bit controversial!”

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