Event information
Rally Poland (June 24-28), round 8 of 12

Surface: gravel

Host town: Mikolajki

Practical information: Rally HQ and the Media Centre are based at the Golebiewski Hotel in Mikolajki.

The service area is alongside Rally HQ in the Mikolajki Rally Park. There is no time-difference between Poland and Continental Europe. Sunrise on Day 1 of the rally (Friday, June 26) is 4.15am. Sunset is at 9.01pm. The local currency is the Zloty (€1 = PLN4.40).

Technical matters: The Citroën C4 WRCs will be powered by the same engines which were used in Greece and which will go on to contest Rally Finland.

Tyres: each crew will have 36 Pirelli Scorpion tyres for the event, plus six for shakedown. Competitors may carry two spares, but the ’re-cutting’ of tread patterns is not authorised.

Recce: Tuesday June 23 and Wednesday June 24 (8.00am until 7.00pm). Two passes per stage. The maximum authorised speed is 70kph (or lower, depending on local restrictions).

Shakedown: Thursday June 25 (8.00am to 12 noon). The 3.8km test stage is in Mikolajki and situated 3.4km from the service area.

Press conference: Thursday June 25 (1.30pm), Media Centre.

Route length: 1,024.38km, including 352.00km divided into 18 stages (9 different).

Day 1 (Thursday June 25, and Friday June 26): 302.87km, including 113.20km divided into 7 stages (4 different). Start, 19.00, Thursday June 25. SS1 (Mikolajki, 2.5km). Cars enter parc ferme at 20.12. Cars leave parc ferme at 09.00, Friday June 26. Service A (09.00, 15 minutes). SS2 (Grabowka, 12.09km), SS3 (Pianki, 11.34km) and SS4 (Paprotki, 33.17km). Regroup (12.40, 15 minutes). Service B (12.55, 30 minutes). SS5 (Grabowka, 12.09km), SS6 (Pianki, 11.34km) and SS7 (Paprotki, 33.17km). Service C (16.53, 45 minutes). Last car due into parc ferme at 20.00.

Day 2 (Saturday June 27): 423.64km, including 149.44km divided into 6 stages (3 different). Service D (09.00, 15 minutes). SS8 (Danowo, 11.88km), SS9 (Gawliki, 32.75km) and SS10 (Wydminy, 30.09km). Regroup (13.34, 15 minutes). Service E (13.49, 30 minutes). SS11 (Danowo, 11.88km), SS12 (Gawliki, 32.75km) and SS13 (Wydminy, 30.09km). Service F (18.41, 45 minutes). Last car due into parc ferme at 22.00.

Day 3 (Sunday June 28): 294.65km, including 86.86km divided into 5 stages (3 different). Service G (06.30, 15 minutes). SS14 (Milki, 27.07km), SS15 (Tros, 15.11km). Regroup (09.58, 15 minutes). Service H (10.13, 30 minutes). SS16 (Mikli, 27.07km), SS17 (Tros, 15.11km) and SS18 (Mikolajki, 2.50km). Rally finishes at 14.54.

Podium: Sunday June 28 (from 14.56).

Post-rally press conference: Sunday June 28 (15.30), Media Centre.

The crews’ WRC statistics before this rally: Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Elena: WRC debut: Catalunya 1999 (Saxo Kit-Car, retired). WRC starts: 119. First WRC win: Germany 2002 (Xsara WRC). WRC wins: 52. WRC titles: 5 (2004 to 2008).

Dani Sordo: WRC debut: Catalunya 2003 (18th). WRC starts: 65. Junior title: 2005 (C2 S1600).

Marc Marti: WRC debut: Catalunya 1992 (21st). WRC starts: 131. Junior title: 2005 (C2 S1600).

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