Signposting to spectator areas
With only a month to go to the event, the preparations for the Belgium Ypres Rally are on full tilt. And the Superstage organisors are introducing a few new things to serve the public better still. The Belgian leg of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge, which is also the most important race of the national season, will launch a new and unique system to guide the spectators to the stages. Simple and logical signposting will guide as well the diehard rallyfans as the occasional tourist to the public zones along the stages.

Frederik Debruyne: "Even the tourists will find the stages"

Frederik Debruyne of Superstage will be responsible for the signposting: "The Ypres Rally has two kind of spectators. On the one hand you have the wintered rallyfans who easily find their way to the stages using the maps. On the other hand, you have the occasional enthusiast or even just tourists who want to experience the atmosphere of this great event. The latter don't always find it easy however to know where the cars will be driving. That is why we are introducing a system of signposting this year. These will show the way to the stages from Ypres, but also from one stage to the next one. When you leave the Langemark stage, for instance, you will be able to follow the signposts to the next stages of that leg. We will also signpost the way from Ypres and even from Northern France. Once you are near the stage, the signposts will 'split' into the different public zones along the stage. So you leave Ypres following "Kemmel" and once you are nearby you will have "Kemmel A", "Kemmel B", etc. The public zones will be described in detail in the programme. We also explain where you can park and what the situation looks like. We are using aerial pictures to document everything."

Once on the stage, the spectators are of course free to choose on which corner they want to watch the action. The signposts should also be useful for the experience fans though.
"The signposting will take account of the traffic. We have gathered a wealth of information over the last years in Ypres on the flow of traffic along the main roads. Depending of where you are, we will attempt to get the fans to the stages via the quickest route."

In summary, whether you are just an occasional visitor, a tourist or a fan coming from abroad, you should be able to find your way to the action on the stages of the Ypres Rally without problems.

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