Greenerways Rally 14th June 2009
Revolution Team joins the tyre revolution

The Revolution Wheels Rally Team has committed to support the Greenerways Rally on Sunday 14th June, the first confirmed entries for this essential test event.

Team boss, Warren McKiernan, will co drive for Rob Swann in his own car, which Revolution Team driver Swann used on the recent Pirelli Rally. He will be joined by the team’s engineer, Geoff Jones, who will also stand-in for Swann for the Revolution Team on the next BRC event, the Jim Clark Rally.

Warren explains the rationale behind the Team entry on the Greenerways Rally; “As a wheel manufacturer we obviously keep a close eye on tyre development, so this project is of particular interest as it could impact not only tyre design but rallying as a whole.”

“If other leisure industries have less impact on the gravel roads on Forestry Commission land, then it makes sense that the Commission look there for income. If rallying doesn't do something to try and reduce the environmental impact in the woods, then I can see a day when the Commission will move away from rallying altogether.”

“The Greenerways Rally is designed to prove that this new tyre design can reduce the damage caused by rally cars. I know it is effectively a test event for the tyre, but I'm actually looking forward to the format and a bit of fun on the way.”

“This is great news and I'm encouraging other teams and drivers to follow suit. The rally is open to all competitors with four wheel drive Group N type vehicles whether currently homologated or not.” said BRC Manager Mark Taylor.

Revolution Wheels ( will field two Group N Subaru Imprezas on the event, which includes shakedown, recce and the use of a set of Pirelli “Eco” tyres, all for 195.

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