Suzuki World Rally Team mechanic’s portrait, Stefan Erixon
Stefan Erixon
Facts & figures
Nationality: Swedish
Date of birth: August 31, 1973
Place of birth: Märsta, Sweden
Family status: Married
Profession: Car mechanic
Hobbies: Motocross
Personal insights

How did you become a rally mechanic?
In 1992 I started my career as a rally driver. I stopped in 2001, but found being a mechanic a very good way of staying in the sport.

How and when did you get the chance to join the Suzuki World Rally Team?
When Daniel Carlsson joined the Suzuki JWRC team in 2003, Suzuki was asking for a Swedish mechanic. That was my chance! Since then I have been working with Suzuki Sport.

What is your biggest strength?
I never give up, don’t get panicked in stressful situations and am quite strong – both mentally and physically.

What is your main weakness?
Sometimes I am not as careful as I should be.

What do you like most about rallying?
To me the most exciting thing about rally is a speed, combined with the constantly changing circumstances.

Have you ever driven or co-driven a rally car?
Actually I did both. I started as a co-driver for my brother, before I decided to move to the drivers seat in 1992. In 2001, my last year of competition, I was 2nd in the Swedish Rally Championship.

For how long have you been working with P-G?
I started to work for him when he joined the Suzuki JWRC team back in 2004.

What is special about your relationship?
Well, I think he trusts in what I do and what I tell him. We always talk about what we are doing and adjust our next steps. With this tactic we achieved very good results during the last years, among them two FIA Junior Championship titles.

The WRC 2008 comprises 15 rounds. How do you cope with being away for so many weeks during the year?
You have to see it from a positive side: Many people do not get the chance to leave home that often. What helps me a lot are very good friends both at home and on event and a very understanding wife!

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
In five years time I will be quite busy with my workshop at home and will be driving motocross with my five year old child.

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