Motorsport Alliance unveiled at House of Lords reception
The Motorsport Alliance was unveiled on Monday evening (21 July) at the House of Lords Summer Reception in the presence of Lord Astor of Hever and members of the All Parliamentary Motor Group.

The Motorsport Alliance is a new, joint initiative between the Motor Sports Association (UK governing body of four wheel motor sport), the Auto Cycle Union (UK governing body of two wheel motorcycle sport) and the Motorsport Industry Association (the UK's industry association for motorsport).

The Motorsport Alliance will allow the MSA, ACU and MIA to speak, when appropriate or necessary, on behalf of the whole of UK motorsport - with a single voice. The Motorsport Alliance aims to improve liaison and understanding with government departments, regional authorities, devolved administrations and representative bodies. The three member organisations will formulate joint communications and strategies for the benefit of UK motorsport and its industry and communicate these to this influential audience.

"We have always worked closely with the ACU and the MIA on a variety of issues, but formalising this relationship between the three parties will provide a recognisable body for greater strength and a common voice when it is most needed," said Colin Hilton, Chief Executive of the MSA."The ACU is delighted to join the MSA and MIA in this very positive development for British motorsport. This partnership between the National Governing bodies of our sport and the industry which supports it will allow motorsport to deliver a single, strong and informed message when the issues demand it," said Dave Luscombe, Business Development Manager of the ACU.

"We are pleased to support this excellent, long overdue initiative as our member companies service and supply all UK motorsport and we need to speak from a collective position of strength on relevant issues," said MIA CEO, Chris Aylett.

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) represents 34,000 competition licence holders, 750 motor clubs, an estimated 200,000 club members, 14,000 volunteer marshals and 2,500 licensed officials. It sanctions 5,000 motor sport events a year.

The Auto Cycle Union (ACU) is a Union of 650 sporting motorcycle clubs, representing over 30,000 sporting motorcycle riders, who take part in excess of 10,000 ACU sanctioned competitive motorcycle events every year.

The Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) is the leading trade association for Motorsport's performance engineering, services and tuning industry. It represents over 300 member companies who transact over £3 billion of global motorsport business - most located in a central area of the UK that has become known as Motorsport Valley.

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