Spectator Arena : The hart of show and info
This year Spectator Arenas will again be the centres of show and information at the GEKO Ypres Rally. These are specially designed and secured areas with a festive atmosphere at the heart of the action.

The idea behind the Spectator Arenas is fairly simple. We have carefully selected a number of areas along the special stages (SS) that combine as well as possible ease-of-access, safety and action. Des arenas are set up in the colours of some of our partners who might put up a structure or bring a motorhome there for their VIP guests.

Everyone can enjoy the area however as there are restauration facilities at each of them as well as toilets. The other great thing about the Spectator Arenas, is that each of them is equipped with a broadcasting unit keeping you up to date with the latest news on the event via the radio. Finally, we have installed computer equipment in each Arena to ensure we can pass the latest stage results on to the public.

Then of course, there is the fact that all Spectator Arenas are really easy to reach. You simply follow the signposts along the roads. There are signposts to the Arenas as you leave the town of Ypres as well as if you want to commute between two or more Arenas.

The idea was to not only respond to the requirements of the hardcore rally fans, but to also make the event accessible for Mr and Mrs Normal who can more easily attend the stages of this year's GEKO Ypres Rally and, why not, even bring their family along !

Spectator Arenas installed :
Friday :
• Geko Arena on SS Hollebeke (standard Arena with partner sponsoring)

Samedi :
• Geko Arena on SS Kemmelberg (standard Arena on the tarmac area with partner sponsoring)
• Coca Cola Arena on SS Kemmelberg (sponsoring + Dodge truck, narrow descent from Dranouter towards Monteberg)
• Geodynamics on SS Langemark (Motorhome for VIP guests + standard Arena at the hairpin of Langemark)
• LuK Arena on SS Langemark (private area for guests + standard Arena standardat the roundabout of Langemark)

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