The party starts already before the rally weekend
For many, the yearly meeting during the weekend of the Geko Ypres Rally is a big party. And this not only because of the many top rallycars and top drivers participating to the race itself, but also because of all the activities that are being organised.

The festivities will start the weekend before already. On Saturday 18 June, we will open the Rallyshop on the marketplace in Ypres. Spectators can pick up their tickets here, or buy them outright and soak up some the rally atmosphere already. On Wednesday at 19h00, we have the shakedown for Historic cars in Boezinge, a first opportunity to actually see the cars in action. On Thursday, the big guns of the main race are coming out. All teams should have set up by then and you will be able to see the cars on the market place, the Leet and in the nearby streets. At 18h30, we all go back to Nieuwkerke for the shakedown. Until 20u30 only the first 25 cars can do their trial runs. Afterwards, and until 23h, all other participants can test.

Friday finally will be the day full of action. Things get going at 13h00 on the marketplace where we will have a photoshoot with all main drivers. At 13h30, there will be our Meet&Greet on the market place where all fans can get close up with their favorite drivers and collect autographs. Please ensure you arrive timely for this activity as this gathers a large crowd every year.

And then it's time for the real action! At 16h00, the First rallycar will drive over the podium in the direction of Hollebeke. This first stage of the Geko Ypres Rally will start at 16h29. The list of participants is nothing but amazing. This round of the Geko Ypres Rally sure promises to be a great party again.

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