The first 2010-spec Subaru STR10 has been delivered
This week, Symtech Racing delivered the very first Subaru Impreza STR10 to Polish driver Krzystof Oleksowicz. Symtech Racing has built this new Subaru from the ground up to the latest 2010 homologation, using lightened components from the Subaru Impreza Spec C.

Symtech Racing's Wim De Boeck, said: "It took some time before the definitive 2010 homologation was finally confirmed by Subaru and the FIA, and this got in the way of our plans somewhat. But in April everything fell into place and we have now had the official homologation papers for three weeks. Of course we've already been working on this new car for a while and we've made every effort to ensure that our client has it on time for this weekend's Lotos Rally in Poland, where he will be competing. The car is a real gem. Amongst other things it has an aluminium bonnet and thinner windows, shaving off 20 kilograms compared to the previous model. We don't know for sure, but this is probably the first genuine 2010-specification Subaru in Europe Ė or maybe in the world! We are very pleased and proud of what we have achieved."

Dirk Van der Sluys, the co-owner of Symtech Racing, added: "Everyone in our team has been working very hard over the last few weeks to build this truly ground-breaking car. I'd like to personally thank everyone for their efforts. The STR10 incorporates both the latest evolutions from Subaru and our own ones. Symtech Racing has always worked in a precise way in order to make our cars as competitive as possible. Currently we're building our second Subaru STR10, which will be ready within the next two weeks and also destined for Poland. We've got another order as well and we're talking with a certain number of other drivers and teams. Last year, we claimed two overall victories in the Polish Rally Championship with our Subaru STR09 and proved that our cars are extremely competitive. We're convinced that the potential of the STR10 is even bigger."

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