TV Station Exqi Plus brings the Geko Ypres Rally live
TV-station Exqi Plus has reached an agreement with the organisation of the Geko Ypres Rally and will be the first Belgian TV station to broadcast the race live. Eurosport brought us 4 stages live last year and Exqi Plus will now bring us a live broadcast from the service parks and the shake-down. The technical side will be taken care of by the team of Chris Courteyn TV Production, i.e. the team that already looks after the TV-broadcasting of the Belgian Rally Championship.

Stefan Van Loock, networkmanager of Exqi Plus: "Exqi Plus has set out to broadcast the Geko Ypres Rally live during three days, spread over ten slots of half an hour. We are very proud of this as we are the first Belgian broadcaster to show the rally live on a Belgian TV-Station in such a way. Broadcasting the Geko Ypres Rally live fits very well within our drive to put Top Belgian events of the less popular sports in the spotlights. On top of this, Exqi Plus also wants to come forward as the media partner of the Geko Ypres Rally."

Happiness around with the organisers of the Geko Ypres Rally. Alain Penasse, rally-manager, explains : "Last year we could witness that broadcasting the rally live on Eurosport was a real success! As well our partners as our fans were really delighted with respectively the number of viewers and the quality of the broadcasting. Eurosport will actually be present again in the service parks to broadcast live. We are obviously really happy that, in collaboration with Chris Courteyn, we managed to convince Exqi Plus as Belgian station to go live too. By having ten slots of half an hour live TV, the Geko Ypres Rally will sure not go by unnoticed !"

The full broadcasting schedule will be made available soon.

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