Promotion cups in Ypres
An event can be the high-point of the Belgian rally season and one of the key races of the European Rally Championship and Intercontinental Rally Challenge but still remain accessible for the amateur drivers without whom rallying would not be the discipline it is. This is what the Geko Belgium Ypres Rally will prove again on 25 and 26 June by being one of the main event of no less than four single-make cups.

Promotion cups are without doubt the best way for young talented drivers to gain experience in road racing and prove their metal. They are also the perfect way to get noticed by the rest of the rallying community, especially when you line yourself up at the start of an international event like the Geko Ypres Rally. The organisers of the CitroŽn Racing Trophy Benelux, the Ford Fiesta Sport Trophy, the Peugeot 207 RC Cup and the Renault Clio R3 European Trophy clearly share our opinion as they all put the Geko Ypres Rally on their calendar. Given the intensity of these battles with equal weapons, one knows the heat will sure be on!

The other amateur drivers are of course also very welcome to take up the challenge in this prestigious event. It always is an experience not to forget. It is with this in mind that the organizers of the Geko Belgium Ypres Rally have 'frozen' the entry fees for the grand classic of Belgian rallying. Entry fees will remain unchanged compared to last year. Better even, the participants of the promotion cups will even get a 200 Ä discount!

"I have always been promoting rallying as a sport and have often concentrated on pushing young talent forward," explains Alain Penasse, the new "chief in command" of the Ypres Rally. "So it makes sense that we keep working along these lines when organising the Geko Ypres Rally."

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