Symtech Racing joins SWRC with a Fiesta Super 2000!
Symtech Racing will take part in the Super 2000 World Rally Championship, a new world series for Super 2000 cars. The team will run the brand new Ford Fiesta Super 2000 in this latest venture. Driving the car will be Junior World Rally Championship star Michal Kosciuszko from Poland, who now takes the next step up in his career with the backing of new sponsor LOTOS Dynamic.

Symtech Racing's Dirk Van der Sluys commented: "It's obviously the right time to get involved in Super 2000, as we all believe that this class is going to be a great success. We quickly settled on a Ford Fiesta as our car of choice, as the help offered by M-Sport on the SWRC programme was a key factor. Not to mention our belief that our compatriot Christian Loriaux has designed another gem of a rally car! We're delighted to be working with Michal Kosciuszko and his co-driver Maciej Szczepaniak, who have both accumulated a great deal of experience all over the world, as can be seen from their well-deserved collection of JWRC victories."

Michal Kosciuszko said: "Together with our sponsor LOTOS Dynamic, we've been working hard with Symytech Racing to make this exciting long term SWRC programme a reality. We're feeling very confident that we will be able to play a key role in the action. Our choice of Symtech Racing from Belgium stems from their wide experience of international events and the professionalism that they continually demonstrated throughout 2009 in the Polish Rally Championship. We're going to start our programme in Mexico, and then continue with Jordan, Portugal, Finland, Germany, France and Great Britain."

The Ford Fiesta S2000 to be used by Symtech Racing is currently being built by M-Sport. During January, some of Symtech Racing's mechanics and engineer will travel over to Britain to help finish the car. The Fiesta is expected to arrive in Symtech's Grobbendonk workshops in mid-February, before taking its first steps on the World Rally Championship in March.

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