5 Spectator Arena's : Spectator zones to pamper the spectators
One of the key priorities of the new team of "Superstage" that is organising the Belgium Ypres Rally, is to ensure the wellbeing of the spectators. As mentioned already, a system of signposts will be put in place to guide the people to the stages. Another new concept will be the one of the Spectator Arena's.

"In these zones, accessible to all, spectators will really be in for a treat," explains Dirk Van der Sluys, responsible for the Public Relations of the rally. "These zones will be located on the most spectacular points of the stages, such as the Monteberg, the Kemmelberg, the hairpin in Langemark, etc. There will be toilets and an opportunity to eat and drink. These zones will actually be ideal for spectators who are not 100% familiar with rallying. We will do everything to help them follow the events. For this, there will be an audio system broadcasting the latest news via the rally radio and we will hand out the stage times on paper. The idea is to create a pleasant atmosphere in order to ensure people remain longer along the stage than they would in normal circumstances."

There will be five of these Spectator Arena's: one on Friday and four on Saturday.

"Each of them will be decorated with the colors of a certain sponsor." According to Dirk Van der Sluys. "A set of specific signposts will be put along the roads with the name of those sponsors. These will enjoy reserved parking near the Spectator Arenas. Monster, the drink distributed by Coca-Cola in our country, has been the first sponsor to reserve one of the Spectator Arenas, the one on the Monteberg."

Information for companies that are interested: there are two zones still available. One thing is obvious, those who can follow the 2009 Belgium Ypres Rally from these Spectator Arena's will remember this forever and will surely talk about it.

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