A number of Honda's rally customers will be active on the Hungarian Rally Championship this weekend, at the Salgo-Germer Rally that runs from May 15-16. Taking place in Slovakia, this rally is also a round of the Slovak Rally Championship.

A total of seven Honda Civics will be participating on the all-asphalt event, challenging for class victory and proving once more that the Civic Type R provides the perfect blend of reliability, performance and affordability that drivers are looking for.

Hungarian rally driver János Puskádi took delivery of his new Civic Type R at JAS last week

In order to best support Honda's customers, the Japanese manufacturer's competition partner, JAS Motorsport in Italy, has decided to offer an extended customer support programme, with the presence of a spares truck and two mechanics in the service area, as well as a dedicated engineer.

JAS Motorsport, based near Milan, has been a long-time partner of Honda in touring cars, and also designed and built the well-known Honda Civic Type R R3 rally car, which has proved capable of beating several more powerful cars from superior classes. The Italian team has run rally cars on the World Rally Championship and Intercontinental Rally Challenge, and it continues to support customers on a selection of events in national championships and highly competitive IRC.

The Salgo-Germer Rally has 12 stages plus a superspecial, totalling 146 kilometres. This makes it a formidable challenge for all the crews that have entered the event. The Civic will be eligible to score points in all the two-wheel drive categories of the event right up to the most powerful two-wheel drive class, A7. However, some customers have entered the less powerful Group N categories, for cars that are closer to showroom specification.

The Honda drivers taking part in the Salgo-Germer Rally are:
Group A
Hering Gyula
Honda Civic Type R R3 (class A7)

Lévai Ferenc
Honda Civic Type R R3 (class A7)
Memoár Rallye Team SE

Puskádi János
Honda Civic Type R R3 (class A7)
Eurosol Racing Team SE

Juhász Csaba
Honda Civic Type R (class A7)
Juhász Racing

Group N

Ábrahám Zoltán
Honda Civic Type R (N3)
Maxx Rally Team

Alberti Szabolcs
Honda Civic (N2)
Rally 2008 Racing

Kurtos Róbert
Honda Civic (N2)
Szajky Rally Team

The rally gets underway with a spectator superspecial at 17:00 on Friday 15 May and ends on Saturday 17 May at 12:50. Further details of the event can be found on:

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