Peugeot becomes the "Official Car Supplier" for the Ypres Rally
The Belgium Ypres Rally has got a new partner for its 2009 event. The Peugeot importer for Belgium and Luxemburg (PBL) will be the official supplier of cars for the BYR organisation.

Peugeot has a solid reputation in rallying and their current programme in the IRC with Freddy Loix and 2008 IRC champion Nicolas Vouilloz underlines clearly their ambitions. In past years we have seen Bruno Thiry's participation in the European Championship with the support of the Belgium-Luxemburg importer of Peugeot. Partnering up with the BYR fits exactly in this drive to be at the forefront of our sport.

Alain Penasse, rally manager BYR :"We are obviously thrilled with this collaboration. Peugeot is a strong partner with a long history in our rally. You only have to look at the fight for first spot over the last events. We are convinced that we will be able to build something terrific with Peugeot and this 2009 Belgium Ypres Rally will be a first step."

Peugeot will obviously also be very well represented in the race itself. At the moment, there are about 11 Peugeot 207 Super 2000 that should take part in the Belgium Ypres Rally. Five times winner of the event and local hero, Freddy Loix, will of course be the man to watch. Peugeot Belgium-Luxemburg will supply at least 18 cars for the logistical support of the event! On top of that, they will bring Bruno Thiry back to Ypres. He will open the rally driving a Peugeot 207 RC and will provide an unforgettable rally experience to some VIPs.

Ypres should hence also be a big celebration for Peugeot. The festivities will start at scrutineering which will take place at the Ypres Peugeot dealer Garage Duran, Albert Dehemstraat 3, 8900 Ieper.

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