Uncertainty around the Ypres Rally cleared up
It is now official: the Flemisch motorsport event of the year, ie. The 45th Belgium Ypres Rally and the Ypres Historic Rally, will go ahead from 18 until 20 June 2009.

Just like in the former years, the rallies will count for the Intercontinental Rally Challenge, the European and Belgian Rally Championship and the Europeand and Belgian Historic Rally Championship. The rallysprint of Monteberg also got saved due to this development.

The new organisors are the vzw Superstage. They are set to organise the Belgium Ypres Rally for the next years and make the event again a resounding success. There are a few changes to the event in the pipeline and we will inform you about them in due course.

Alain Penasse and Dirk Van der Sluys of vzw Superstage both bring a wealth of experience to the table which they have gained in the Belgian and International motorsport. They will fall back on the support of a group of very experienced enthusiasts of the Westhoek.

From next week onwards, the new website of the rally, www.ypresrally.com, will go online. It will allow getting the updates on the Belgium Ypres Rally, the Ypres Historic Rally and the rallysprint of Monteberg.

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