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Munchi’s Ford World Rally Team crew Federico Villagra and co-driver Jorge Pérez Companc have retired from competition on Neste Oil Rally Finland today after leaving the road 200 metres from the end of stage 20. In the incident their Munchi’s Ford Focus RS WRC07 caught fire but the pair were fortunate enough to quickly extinguish the flames and were unhurt during the accident. The damage to the car however means they will be unable to continue tomorrow.

In a separate incident, a heavy impact to the co-drivers side of Luis Pérez Companc and José María Volta’s Focus RS has also seen them retire from the event. Close to the end of stage 21 Pérez Companc collided with a large rock and, while he was able to finish the test, 500 metres after the flying finish Volta began complaining of pain in his ribs and has been taken by helicopter to hospital for precautionary checks. Pérez Companc was unhurt in the accident and has retired from the event.

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