MSA e-Wheels May 2008
Use of MSA Recognised Club logo
Only the roundel version is authorised for use by MSA-recognised motor clubs on letterheads etc. If your club is one of the few mistakenly using the MSA corporate logo (used by the MSA on its letterheads), please swap to the correct one (which can be viewed on the MSA website at If you require a higher definition copy of the logo, please email

Insurance for paramedics
A reminder to club members and event organisers: anybody registered with the HPC (Health Professions Council – see as a paramedic, who attends a motor sport event with an MSA permit as a volunteer, is automatically provided with Professional Indemnity Insurance (at no cost) under the MSA policy upon signing on. As volunteers, they can be paid reasonable expenses – the amount should not be construed as reward for employment.

e-Wheels loses its colour
Because we learned that some clubs are printing and photocopying e-Wheels for circulation (rather than the more cost-effective method of emailing it or including it on a website), we have reverted to a black and white header as this reproduces better.

For clubs who prefer paper format magazines, some clubs have effected a saving on postage by producing newsletters in A5 format. Details of how postage charges relate to the weight and size of the item can be found at

Back issues
Past copies of Wheels and e-wheels can be downloaded from the MSA website at

Club contact information
Here's a reminder to include contact names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for committee members, a website address and information about where and when social gatherings are held on all magazines, websites and so on.

Licensed clerks of the course
Because many senior MSA licensed clerks of the course may retire in the next five years or so, it is important to encourage appropriate newcomers. An approach, which has been successful in the past, is to encourage competitors to make the transition to probationary clerk. Enquiries regarding the processes involved should be directed to the relevant Executive at the MSA: Cheryl Lynch for race, kart and speed, and Ian Davis for rally.

Stage rallies – parking of non-competing vehicles
The MSA continues to receive accident reports and insurance claims involving rally cars crashing into non-competing vehicles. Regulation H136.6. (j) on page 286 of the 2008 Competitors' and Officials' Yearbook states that non-competing vehicles should be at least 30 metres from the edge of the special stage. This is the minimum distance. In addition, at all venues issued with an MSA Track Licence, all non-competing vehicles must be parked behind the circuit safety barriers during the normal running of a special stage. The nature of the stage and weather conditions etc must be taken into consideration and the distance that non-competing vehicles are stationed from the edge of the stage should be increased accordingly. These points apply to all special stage rallies.

Yearbook access
Members of the public can now access the MSA Competitors' and Officials' Yearbook content via the MSA website by clicking on Set Up Login > Public signup. This is in addition to the facility for clubs and officials to access this information by inputting a username and password.

Any queries regarding this should be directed to Simon Fowler at the MSA ( or direct line: 01753 765045). A new-look MSA website is being developed.

Croft gets Prince's Trust
Youth charity, The Prince’s Trust, is holding a celebrity track day at Croft circuit Tuesday 15th July to raise valuable funds to change young lives across the north-east. It will be the last of three sporting activities to be held this year as part of The Prince’s Trust Challenge Trophy. Ticket holders will get a chance to enjoy a full day of time trialled driving activities alongside celebrity supporters such as ITV1 commentator and former F1 racing driver, Mark Blundell.

For further information or to purchase tickets, telephone 0191 4973 210.

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