Subaru World Rally Team launches first satellite navigation guide to Wales Rally GB
The Subaru World Rally Team has partnered with satellite navigation website to launch, for the first time ever, a free downloadable Global Positioning System (GPS) guide to Wales Rally GB.

The guide is compatible with most satellite or personal navigation devices including popular brands like TomTom and Garmin, and installs key rally destinations as ‘points of interest’ (POI). The Wales Rally Great Britain POI set contains the start and finish locations of each rally stage, the ceremonial start, finish podium, the service park and public car parks for the event, which runs from 30 November to 2 December.

Once loaded onto a personal device the POIs can be selected and navigated to in the normal way. The system cuts out the need for maps and can quickly and easily calculate alternative routes if required.

Useful to those working on the rally as well as spectators, the downloadable file also includes the location of the media centre and Rally HQ.

"This is the first time any GPS–based rally guide has been developed, and we’re very excited about its potential" said Andy Philpott, SWRT commercial director. "The mapping will be especially useful on the tricky roads of south Wales, and we hope that everyone from spectators to teams will benefit from this free offering. We’re using this as a test run with the aim of launching the service, via our website, to Subaru fans around the world in 2008, incorporating all 2008 WRC events."

To download the POI set and installation instructions, visit

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